Affiliate – FAQ

It's simple. All you have to do is generate your referral link and promote it. And our affiliate system will record everything(visits, unique visitors, conversions, and more).

To create an affiliate link, first of all you have to choose a product that you want to promote.
Copy the product link, go to Affiliate Dashboard, then click Affiliate URLs tab. Now, paste link product in Page URL and press Generate URL button.

25% of the product price.
If a watch costs $50 then you win $12.5.
Calculation Formula: $50 * 25% = $12.5
Your Affiliate ID: [affiliate_id]
Your Affiliate Username: [affiliate_username]

Your Affiliate Link by ID: [affiliate_referral_url format="id" url=""]
Your Affiliate Link by Username: [affiliate_referral_url format="username" url=""]

Your Pretty Affiliate Link by ID: [affiliate_referral_url format="id" pretty="yes" url=""]
Your Pretty Affiliate Link by Username: [affiliate_referral_url format="username" pretty="yes" url=""]

About promotion

You can promote the products on Social Media(Facebook, Instagram, etc), forums, wherever you want.
For example, if you have an Instagram page, you can create stories.
Put a picture with the product in the story and insert your referral link.
For a good conversion rate it can specify that the shipping is free.
And you can specify that who use your coupon get 10% discount.

About coupons

If you need a coupon to promote our products please contact us.
You can tell people to use your discount coupon so you won't have to use your referral link anymore and can help you get more conversions.
Copun offers a 10% discount.

About payments

The minimum balance required for payout is $25.
To add your payment details please go to Affiliate Dashboard -> Settings tab of your affiliate account, and add your payment details. Make sure to press Save Profile Settings button upon adding the new information to save the changes.
We send payouts by PayPal only. If you don't have PayPal account you can create free on
If for some reason you cannot create a PayPal account, then we will pay you through store credit.